The chief changemaker of Purple Pyjamas. She loves small business, big business and everything in between. She helps people solve problems through supporting them through change. She is an advocate for balance which is why yoga, walking, belly to belly conversation, good food and wine are non-negotiable parts of her life.

SWOT - Question yourself

Time to SWOT

Now is a good time to SWOT yourself! Having gone through one of the most tumultuous times in history now might be the time to undertake a SWOT analysis to recognise what you have learned (strengths) and what you still need to work on (weaknesses)! To understand where your market is at and what opportunities…

Purple Pyjamas emcee

Do you believe in luck?

Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in luck making a difference in your life and your small business? I have always believed it’s not luck but good management that makes people and organisations successful. I am careful not to say “good luck” before a major activity – because if you are prepared enough…

Happy New Year The Ox 2021

Year of the Metal Ox

Today, February 12, 202, as per the lunisolar calendars traditional in many Asian countries including China, Vietnam, and South Korea is the start of the Lunar New Year, the year of the Metal Ox. The holiday is a celebration of new beginnings, reunion dinners with loved ones, and Spring Festival celebrations in China. This year…