The chief changemaker of Purple Pyjamas. She loves small business, big business and everything in between. She helps people solve problems through supporting them through change. She is an advocate for balance which is why yoga, walking, belly to belly conversation, good food and wine are non-negotiable parts of her life.

living with peace

Peace Awards

Last Sunday I accepted a Community Service Award as part of the Rotary Peace Day celebrations. David and Milenna Dunn from the South Wagga branch of Rotary, nominated me. David and Milenna personify what it is to be generous and kind and peace-living. I, like everyone who also received an award on this day, was…

2023 small business planning

Preparing your small business for 2023

Preparing your small business for 2023 starts with you!  We expect 2023 will be a year of change, promise, and growth for all of us but it won’t be without challenges. The business landscape has been significantly altered by the COVID pandemic forever and businesses will need to constantly adapt. Businesses that successfully leverage change…

SWOT - Question yourself

Time to SWOT

Now is a good time to SWOT yourself! Having gone through one of the most tumultuous times in history now might be the time to undertake a SWOT analysis to recognise what you have learned (strengths) and what you still need to work on (weaknesses)! To understand where your market is at and what opportunities…